Form RI 1040V: Rhode Island Return Payment Voucher

Form RI-1040V, also referred to as the Rhode Island Return Payment Voucher, is a document used by taxpayers in Rhode Island to accompany their payment for any outstanding balance due on their state income tax return. It's essentially a slip that helps the Rhode Island Division of Taxation efficiently process your payment.

Who Needs to Use Form RI-1040V?

You'll need to use Form RI-1040V if you filed a Rhode Island resident income tax return (Form RI-1040) or a nonresident income tax return (Form RI-1040NR) and owe taxes to the state. The amount you owe will be reflected on line 15c of your Form RI-1040 or line 18c of your Form RI-1040NR.

How to Use Form RI-1040V?

The form itself is quite straightforward. Here's a breakdown of how to fill it out:

Box 1: Enter your full name and address exactly as it appears on your tax return.

Box 2: Provide your Social Security number and, if filing jointly, your spouse's Social Security number.

Box 3: Enter the exact amount of your tax payment as shown on line 15c (Form RI-1040) or line 18c (Form RI-1040NR) of your tax return. Write the same amount for your records below the box.

How to Submit Your Payment and Form RI-1040V?

Step 1: Detach and Mail: Separate the bottom portion of the form (the voucher) and include it with your check or money order made payable to "R.I. Division of Taxation." Do not send cash.

Step 2: Write Important Information on Check: On your check or money order, clearly write "Form RI-1040V," your daytime phone number, and your Social Security number.

Step 3: Mail: Refer to the instructions and the mailing address mentioned in the form attached below.

What if I don't use Form RI-1040V?

While using the form is highly recommended, it's not mandatory. You can still mail your payment with the required information written on your check or money order. However, using the voucher ensures faster and more accurate processing.

Where can I get a copy of Form RI-1040V?

You can download the latest version of Form RI-1040V attached below.

Can I pay electronically instead of using a check?

Yes! Rhode Island offers several electronic payment options. You can pay through the Division of Taxation website using a credit or debit card (convenience fee applies) or by filing electronically and choosing an electronic payment option.

What if I lose my copy of Form RI-1040V?

No worries! You can simply write the required information on your check or money order and mail it as usual.