Form R-540V: Individual Income Tax Electronic Payment Voucher (2023)

Form R-540V, also known as the Individual Income Tax Electronic Payment Voucher, is a detachable form used by Louisiana residents who electronically file their state income tax returns. It serves as a payment voucher for any remaining balance owed to the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) after filing your return.

What is the Purpose of Form R-540V?

The primary purpose of Form R-540V is to facilitate a smooth and efficient payment process for taxpayers who filed electronically and have a remaining tax balance. By completing and submitting this form with your payment, you ensure your payment is properly credited to your tax return and avoid potential penalties and interest charges.

Who Needs to Use Form R-540V?

You need to use Form R-540V if you meet all the following criteria:

  • You filed your 2023 Louisiana individual income tax return electronically.
  • Your electronic filing showed that you owe additional state income tax.
  • You want to avoid penalties and interest on the unpaid tax amount.

How to Use Form R-540V?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Form R-540V:

Step 1: Download the Form: Download the latest version of Form R-540V attached below.

Step 2: Complete the Voucher: The form has two sections. The top portion acts as your record of payment, so fill it out with the following information:

  1. Mail Date: Enter the date you are mailing the payment voucher.
  2. Your Social Security Number: Enter your Social Security Number (SSN).
  3. Check Number: If paying by check, enter the check number.
  4. Individual Income Tax Electronic Filing Payment Voucher: Leave this section as is.
  5. Louisiana Department of Revenue: Leave this section as is.
  6. Your Social Security Number: Re-enter your SSN.
  7. Your Name: Enter your full name (first, middle initial, and last name) exactly as shown on your tax return.
  8. Amount: Enter the total amount of tax you owe as indicated on your electronic tax filing.

Step 4: Detach and Mail the Voucher: Separate the bottom voucher portion from the top record copy. Mail the completed voucher along with your check or money order to the address provided on the form.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Tax Filing Deadline: The deadline to file your Louisiana individual income tax return (electronically or by mail) for tax year 2023 was typically May 15, 2024, unless you filed for an extension.

Payment Due Date: If you owe additional tax and use Form R-540V for payment, your payment must be received by the Louisiana Department of Revenue by the same deadline (typically May 15, 2024) to avoid penalties and interest. Double-check the official Louisiana Department of Revenue website for any updates on deadlines.

What if I don't owe any additional tax after filing electronically?

If your electronic filing shows you have no outstanding tax liability or are due a refund, you don't need to use Form R-540V.

Can I pay electronically instead of mailing a check?

Yes, the Louisiana Department of Revenue offers various electronic payment options. You can find more information and instructions for electronic payments on their website

Where can I find Form R-540V?

You can download Form R-540V attached below.