Form PA-40V: Pennsylvania Payment Voucher

The PA-40V, also known as the Pennsylvania Payment Voucher, is a form used by taxpayers in Pennsylvania to submit payment for their personal income taxes alongside their tax return (Form PA-40). It's essentially a slip of paper that accompanies your check or money order, providing the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue with important information to process your payment efficiently.

Who Needs Form PA-40V?

You'll need Form PA-40V if you're filing a Pennsylvania personal income tax return (PA-40) and owe taxes to the state. This includes:

  • Individuals who earned income in Pennsylvania.
  • Part-year residents of Pennsylvania.
  • Non-residents who earned income from Pennsylvania sources.

Important Points to Remember For Form PA-40V:

Use the correct form: Make sure you're using the most recent version of the PA-40V. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue releases new versions each year. You can find the latest version attached below. Using an outdated form can lead to processing delays.

Electronic payments for large amounts: Payments of $15,000 or more must be made electronically. If you submit a check or money order for a larger amount, you may be subject to a penalty.

Complete the form accurately: Fill out all the requested information on the form carefully. This includes your Social Security number(s), name(s), address, and the amount of your payment. Double-check for any errors before submitting the form.

How To File Form PA-40V?

Step 1: Download the form: You can find the latest version of Form PA-40V attached below.

Step 2: Complete the form: Fill out the following sections:

  • SSN: Enter your Social Security Number (SSN) and, if filing jointly, your spouse's SSN without hyphens.
  • Taxpayer Information: Print your last name (first two letters), full name (including spouse's name if filing jointly), and complete mailing address.

Step 3: Attach the voucher: Staple the completed PA-40V form securely to your check or money order made payable to "PA Department of Revenue."

Step 4: Mail your return: Send your completed PA-40 tax return, Form PA-40V, and payment to the designated address provided on the form or the Department of Revenue's website.

Can I use Form PA-40V for estimated tax payments?

No, Form PA-40V is only for payments submitted with your final tax return. Estimated tax payments require separate methods available on the Department of Revenue's website.

Where can I find the mailing address for my tax return and payment?

The mailing address will be provided on the Form PA-40V instructions attached below, or on the Department of Revenue's website.

What happens if I lose my Form PA-40V?

You can download another copy of the form from the Department of Revenue's website. The information you need to complete the form (SSN, name, address) is readily available on your tax return.

Is there a deadline to submit Form PA-40V?

The deadline to file your Pennsylvania personal income tax return and submit payment is the same as the federal tax filing deadline, typically April 15th of each year. However, extensions can be obtained by filing Form PA-40X.

What are the payment options besides using a check or money order?

While a check or money order attached to Form PA-40V is the most traditional method, you can also make electronic payments through the Department of Revenue's official payment website. There may be convenience fees associated with this option.