Form PA-40 (2023): Pennsylvania Income Tax Return

The PA-40, also known as the Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax Return, is the official form used by residents of Pennsylvania to file their state income taxes for a specific tax year. It serves as a document to report your taxable income earned within Pennsylvania and calculate any income tax owed to the state.

Who Needs to File Form PA-40?

  • All Pennsylvania residents with taxable income are required to file, regardless of the amount.
  • Even if you don't owe any tax, you may still need to file to receive a refund for any withheld income tax.
  • Part-time residents and non-residents who earned income in Pennsylvania may also need to file.

What Information Do I Need to File a PA-40?

  • Your Social Security number(s) and filing status (single, married filing jointly, etc.)
  • W-2 forms from your employers
  • 1099 forms reporting other income sources
  • Documentation of deductions and credits you are claiming

Where to File Form PA-40?

  1. You can electronically file (e-file) your PA-40 for free through the PA Department of Revenue's myPATH system.
  2. Paper copies can be mailed to the designated address provided by the department.

What's the Deadlines for Form PA-40?

The filing deadline for the 2023 tax year is May 15, 2024 (extension deadline is November 15, 2024).

Electronic filing is highly encouraged, as it allows for faster processing and reduces the risk of errors.

To access the current year's Form PA-40, click here.