Form NJ 1040 (2023): New Jersey Amended Resident Income Tax Return

Form NJ-1040X, also known as the New Jersey Amended Resident Income Tax Return, allows you to make corrections or add missing information to your original NJ-1040 return.

Who Needs to Use It?

A. Individuals who need to correct errors or missing information on their original NJ 1040 return.

B. Individuals who qualify for additional deductions or credits not claimed on the original return.

C. Individuals who owe additional taxes not previously reported.

When to use Form NJ 1040X?

A. Errors: You discovered errors in your originally filed NJ 1040, such as incorrect income, deductions, or credits.

B. Missing information: You need to report income or deductions not included in the original return.

C. Changes in tax law: Recent changes in tax law affect your tax liability.

What to include with Form NJ 1040X?

  • Completed Form NJ 1040X, filling out both "As Originally Reported" and "Amended" sections.
  • Copies of supporting documentation for any changes made, such as W-2s, 1099s, or receipts.
  • Payment for any additional tax owed or a copy of your refund request.

Key Points to Consider For Form NJ 1040X:

  • Deadline: Generally, Form NJ 1040X must be filed within 3 years from the original return's due date (including extensions).
  • Penalties: Failure to file an amended return or pay any additional tax owed may result in penalties and interest.

To access the current year's Form NJ 10140, click here.