Form IT-201-X (2023): New York State Tax Amendment

Form IT-201-X, also known as the New York State Tax Amendment, allows individuals who have already filed their original Form IT-201, the New York State Resident Income Tax Return, to make corrections or adjustments to their previously submitted information.

Who should use Form IT-201-X?

  • You should use Form IT-201-X if you discover errors on your originally filed IT-201, such as incorrect income, deductions, or credits reported.
  • You can also use it if you have new information that affects your tax liability, such as receiving additional income or qualifying for new deductions or credits after filing your initial return.
  • Additionally, if the IRS amends your federal tax return, it might impact your New York State taxes, and you might need to file an IT-201-X accordingly.

Key Points to Consider About Form IT-201-X:

A. Exclusively for residents: Only individuals who filed a resident New York State income tax return can use Form IT-201-X.

B. Not for federal changes: This form is solely for amending your New York State income tax return. If you need to amend your federal return, you should use Form 1040X from the IRS.

C. Filing options: While you can prepare the form electronically, you cannot submit it electronically. You must mail the completed and signed form to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

How to file Form IT-201-X?

Step 1: Download the form attached below.

Step 2: Attach necessary supporting documents that justify the changes you're making.

Step 3: Mail the completed form with attachments.

    To access the current year's Form IT-201-X, click here.