Form IT-1040- Ohio Individual Income Tax Return

The Ohio Individual Income Tax Return (IT-1040), also known as Form IT-1040, is a document used by residents of Ohio to report their taxable income and pay any taxes owed to the state for the previous tax year. It's similar to the federal Form 1040 used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) but focuses specifically on income earned within the state of Ohio.

Who Needs to File an IT-1040?

A. Generally, you must file an IT-1040 if you were a resident of Ohio for all or part of the tax year and your Ohio adjusted gross income (AGI) exceeds the following thresholds:

  1. Single: $25,000
  2. Married Filing Jointly: $50,000
  3. Head of Household: $37,550

B. Even if your income falls below these thresholds, you may still need to file an IT-1040 to claim a refund or receive certain tax credits.

What Information Do You Need to File an IT-1040?

  • Federal Tax Return (Form 1040): You'll need the information from your federal tax return to complete the IT-1040.
  • W-2 Forms: These forms report your wages and withholdings from employers.
  • 1099 Forms: These forms report income received from sources other than employment, such as interest, dividends, or freelance work.
  • Other Tax Documents: Depending on your specific tax situation, you may need additional documentation like receipts for deductible expenses or proof of residency.

How to File an IT-1040?

  • You can file your IT-1040 electronically or by mail.
  • Electronic filing is generally the faster and more convenient option. The Ohio Department of Taxation offers a free e-filing service:
  • If you choose to mail your return, be sure to use certified mail with a return receipt to ensure proper documentation.