Form ID-VP - Income Tax Voucher Payment (2023)

Form ID-VP, also known as Income Tax Voucher Payment (2023), is a document issued by the Idaho State Tax Commission (STC). This form is used to accompany your payment for Idaho income tax when you are filing a paper return and do not have a pre-printed return with a remittance stub.

What's the Purpose of Form ID-VP?

The primary purpose of Form ID-VP is to identify your income tax payment and ensure it's properly credited to your account. It acts as a reference point for both you and the STC when tracking your tax remittance.

Who Should Use Form ID-VP?

Individuals filing a paper Idaho income tax return: If you are mailing your completed tax return (Form ID-40) to the STC, you will need Form ID-VP to submit your payment along with it.

Individuals who don't have a pre-printed return with a remittance stub: Pre-printed tax returns often come with a detachable payment voucher. If you don't have this voucher, use Form ID-VP instead.

How to File Form ID-VP?

Step 1: Download the form: You can download the latest version of Form ID-VP attached below.

Step 2: Complete the form: Fill out the requested information on the form, which includes:

  • Your name
  • Social Security number
  • Daytime phone number (optional)
  • Amount of your payment
  • Tax year (in this case, 2023)
  • Briefly describe the reason for your payment (e.g., estimated tax payment, additional tax due)

Step 3: Detach and mail: Separate the voucher from the rest of the form (if applicable) and mail it along with your check or money order made payable to "Idaho State Tax Commission." The mailing address is provided on the form itself.

Where can I get Form ID-VP?

You can download Form ID-VP for free attached below.

What information do I need to fill out on Form ID-VP?

  • Your name (as it appears on your tax return)
  • Your Social Security number or ITIN
  • Your daytime phone number (optional)
  • Tax year (2023 for payments related to the 2023 tax filing)
  • Amount of your payment

Where do I send the completed Form ID-VP and my payment?

Mail the completed Form ID-VP along with your check or money order made payable to "Idaho State Tax Commission" to the address provided on the form. Do not staple your check or money order to the form and avoid sending a check stub.

Is there a deadline to submit Form ID-VP and my payment?

The deadline to file your Idaho income tax return and pay any tax due is typically April 15th of the following year (in this case, April 15, 2024, for the 2023 tax year). However, you can request an extension to file your return, but any tax owed is still due by the original deadline. Penalties and interest will accrue on late payments.

What if I lose my Form ID-VP?

You can easily download another copy of the form from the Idaho State Tax Commission website or request a new one. There is no penalty for using a duplicate form.