Form D-40 (2023): Individual Income Tax Return

Form D-40 is an individual income tax return used by residents of states other than Washington D.C. to report their income and taxes for the tax year 2023. Please note that it's not affiliated with the District of Columbia (DC) which has its own tax filing system.

Who Should Use Form D-40?

  • Residents of a state (except D.C.) who are required to file a state income tax return.
  • Individuals who earned income within the state and are liable to pay state income tax.

What Information Do I Need to File Form D-40?

  • Personal Information: Name, Social Security number, filing status (single, married, etc.)
  • Income: Wages, salaries, interest, dividends, capital gains, rental income, etc.
  • Deductions: Standard deduction or itemized deductions (medical expenses, charitable contributions, etc.)
  • Dependents: Information about any dependents you claim.
  • Withholding: Income tax withheld from your paychecks and other sources.
  • Payments: Estimated tax payments made throughout the year.

Key Points to Remember About Form D-40:

A. Not for D.C.: This form is specifically for states other than Washington D.C. Residents of D.C. should use a different form.

B. State Specific: While the general information above applies, specific instructions and filing requirements may vary by state. Be sure to consult your state's Department of Revenue website for the latest information and any additional forms you may need.

C. Filing Options: You can file your D-40 return electronically or by mail. Each state may have its own preferred filing method, so check with your state's Department of Revenue for details.

To access the current year's Form D-40, click here.