Form CT-1040V - CT Electronic Filing Payment Voucher

Form CT-1040V, also known as the CT Electronic Filing Payment Voucher, is a document issued by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS). It's used specifically for taxpayers who have filed their Connecticut income tax return electronically and owe a balance to the state.

What's the Purpose of Form CT-1040V?

The primary purpose of the CT-1040V voucher is to simplify the payment process for those who filed electronically but need to send a check to settle their outstanding tax liability. By including the voucher with your payment, you ensure the DRS can efficiently connect your payment to your electronic tax return.

Who Needs to Use Form CT-1040V?

You should use Form CT-1040V if you meet all the following criteria:

  • You filed your Connecticut income tax return electronically.
  • Your electronic filing indicated that you owe taxes to the state of Connecticut.
  • You prefer to pay your outstanding balance by check.

How to Use Form CT-1040V?

Step 1: Download the Form: Download the latest version of Form CT-1040V attached below.

Step 2: Complete the Voucher: Fill out the following sections of the voucher:

Step 3: Amount Enclosed: Enter the exact amount of your tax liability as shown on your electronically filed return.

Step 4: Payable To: Write "Commissioner of Revenue Services" on the check pay line.

SSN(s): Write your Social Security Number (SSN) and, if filing jointly, your spouse's SSN on the designated lines. Write "efile" next to the SSN(s) to indicate electronic filing.

Your Information: Provide your full name(s), address, and phone number.

Step 5: Attach the Voucher: Detach the voucher from the main form and securely paperclip it to the front of your check.

Step 6: Mail Your Payment: Send the completed voucher and your check to the address: Department of Revenue Services, State of Connecticut, PO Box 2921, Hartford, CT 06104-2921

What happens if I don't use the CT-1040V voucher?

While not mandatory, using the voucher is highly recommended. It streamlines the payment process and ensures your payment is accurately linked to your electronic tax return. Without the voucher, there's a chance of processing delays if there's any difficulty identifying your payment.

Is there a deadline to submit the CT-1040V voucher?

The deadline to pay your Connecticut income tax liability is the same as the federal tax filing deadline, typically April 15th of each year. However, extensions may be available. It's crucial to refer to the official DRS website or consult a tax professional for the most up-to-date information on filing deadlines and extensions.