Form 80-105 (2023):  Mississippi Resident Individual Income Tax Return

Form 80-105 is the Mississippi Resident Individual Income Tax Return used to report your income earned and taxes owed to the state of Mississippi for the 2023 tax year.

Who Should File Form 80-105?

A. Residents: If you were a resident of Mississippi for the entire tax year (January 1st - December 31st, 2023), you must file Form 80-105, regardless of the amount of income you earned.

B. Part-Year Residents: If you lived in Mississippi for part of the year and another state for the rest, you may need to file as a part-year resident. In this case, use Form 80-205 instead.

What Information Do I Need to File Form 80-105?

A. Federal Tax Return: You will need information from your federal tax return, including your adjusted gross income (AGI).

B. Income Documentation: Gather all your W-2s, 1099s, and records of any other income earned during the year.

C. Deductions and Credits: Mississippi allows various deductions and credits that can reduce your tax liability. Gather documentation to support any deductions or credits you claim.

D. Social Security Numbers (SSNs): You will need your SSN and, if filing jointly, your spouse's SSN.

Where to File Form 80-105?

Electronically: Mississippi offers electronic filing (e-filing) through a third-party provider. However, e-filing your Mississippi return requires you to also e-file your federal return.

By Mail: You can mail your completed Form 80-105 and any required attachments to the Mississippi Department of Revenue. Download the Form 80-105 attached below.

Important Dates For Form 80-105:

  • Filing Deadline: The filing deadline for Mississippi tax returns typically coincides with the federal filing deadline, which is usually April 15th of the following year. However, extensions may be available.
  • Payment: If you owe taxes, you must submit payment with your return.

To access the current year's Form 80-105, click here.