Form 740: Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return Full-Year Residents

Form 740 is the Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return used by residents of the state of Kentucky to report their income earned and taxes owed for the entire tax year (January 1st - December 31st).

Who Should File Form 740?

A. Kentucky Residents: If you were a resident of Kentucky for the entire tax year, you generally must file Form 740, regardless of your income level.

B. Military Spouses: If your spouse is in the military and stationed outside of Kentucky, you may still be considered a Kentucky resident and need to file Form 740.

C. Part-Year Residents: If you moved to or from Kentucky during the tax year, you may need to file Form 740-NP (Nonresident or Part-Year Resident) instead.

What Information Do I Need?

  • Your federal tax return (Form 1040) and any relevant schedules.
  • W-2 forms showing wages and federal income tax withheld from your employer(s).
  • 1099 forms reporting other income sources like interest, dividends, or retirement income.
  • Records of any deductions or credits you may claim.
  • Social Security numbers for yourself and your dependents (if filing jointly).

How to File Form 1040?

A. Electronically: Kentucky encourages electronic filing (, which is generally faster and more secure.

B. Paper Form: You can download Form 740 and instructions attached below and mail it to the department.