Form 1040N-V: Nebraska Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher

Form 1040N-V, also known as the Nebraska Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher, is a document issued by the Nebraska Department of Revenue. It allows taxpayers in Nebraska to submit payment for their individual income taxes. This form is separate from the actual tax return (Form 1040N) and is used solely for payment purposes.

What's the Purpose of Form 1040N-V?

The primary purpose of Form 1040N-V is to provide a convenient way for taxpayers to submit their Nebraska income tax payments to the state. This form offers clear instructions on how to make payments and ensures all necessary information is included for proper processing.

Who Should Use Form 1040N-V?

A. Nebraska Residents: Any individual who owes Nebraska income tax and chooses to submit payment by mail or check should use Form 1040N-V.

B. Non-Residents with Nebraska Income: If you are not a resident of Nebraska but have income sourced from the state, you may still be required to file a Nebraska income tax return and use Form 1040N-V for payment, if applicable.

What Information Do I Need to Complete Form 1040N-V?

The form itself is relatively simple and requires the following information:

  • Your Name: Fill in your full legal name as it appears on your tax return.
  • Social Security Number: Enter your Social Security number or your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  • Tax Year: Indicate the tax year for which you're making the payment.
  • Amount of Payment: Enter the total amount of your Nebraska income tax payment.
  • Daytime Phone Number (Optional): Provide a phone number where the Nebraska Department of Revenue can reach you if necessary.

How to Use Form 1040N-V?

Step 1: Download the Form: You can download the latest version of Form 1040N-V attached below.

Step 2: Complete the Form: Fill out the required information on the form, including your name, Social Security number, daytime and evening phone numbers (optional), and the amount of your payment.

Step 3: Payment Options:

  1. Check: Make your check payable to "Nebraska Department of Revenue." Include your Social Security number on the check for proper identification.
  2. Money Order: Money orders are also accepted and should be made payable to "Nebraska Department of Revenue."

Step 4: Detach and Mail: Detach the payment voucher from the rest of the form and mail it with your check or money order to the address listed on the voucher. Do not mail the voucher if you are paying electronically.

Do I need to use Form 1040N-V if I am filing electronically?

No, you do not need to use Form 1040N-V if you are filing your Nebraska income tax return electronically. Most e-filing software provides options for electronic payment during the filing process.

What if I cannot pay my Nebraska income tax in full?

The Nebraska Department of Revenue offers various options for taxpayers who cannot pay their entire tax liability at once. You can explore payment plans or file for an extension by contacting the department directly.