Form 1040 Schedule 2 - Additional Taxes

The purpose of Schedule 2 is to provide a place for taxpayers to report and pay any additional taxes they may owe beyond the regular income tax. This schedule is used to report a variety of taxes, including those related to self-employment, alternative minimum tax, and certain types of retirement plan distributions. By using Schedule 2, taxpayers can ensure that they are fulfilling all of their tax obligations and avoiding any penalties or interest charges.

Taxes Reported on Schedule 2

Schedule 2 is used to report a variety of additional taxes that may be owed by taxpayers. Some of the key taxes reported on this schedule include:

  • Additional Medicare Tax
  • Net Investment Income Tax
  • Uncollected Social Security and Medicare Tax
  • Repayment of First-Time Homebuyer Credit
  • Household Employment Taxes

Detailed instructions for completing Schedule 2 are provided in the Form 1040 instructions. Taxpayers must file Schedule 2 if they owe any of the additional taxes listed on the schedule. The schedule is filed as part of the taxpayer's annual income tax return and must be submitted to the IRS along with the other required tax forms and supporting documents.