Federal Tax and Earned Income Credit Tables (2023)

The 2023 Tax Tables, included within the 1040 instruction booklet, offer a simplified method to calculate your federal income tax for the 2023 tax year.

What are the Tax Tables?

The Tax Tables are pre-calculated values based on your taxable income and filing status. They eliminate the need for complex calculations, saving you time and effort. However, it's crucial to remember they only apply to specific situations, and certain individuals cannot use them.

Who can use the Tax Tables?

  • Taxable income: Your taxable income must fall within the range covered by the tables (generally up to $100,000).
  • Filing status: You must file Single, Married Filing Jointly, Head of Household, or Married Filing Separately.
  • Simple return: Your tax return must be relatively straightforward, with no itemized deductions or adjustments.

Accessing the Tax Tables:

  • You can find the Tax Tables in the Instructions for Form 1040 (Publication 1040) attached below.

Using the Tax Tables, You Can:

  1. Locate your taxable income on the left-hand side of the table.
  2. Match your filing status with the appropriate column.
  3. The intersection point reveals your tax amount.

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