How to Add Business or Freelance Income

How to add or report business income? Self-employment income, independent contractor, and Schedule C.

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Use these steps to add your business or self-employment income - the eFile App will generate Schedule C for you so you do not need to fill in this form line-by-line manually.


1. Sign up / Sign in to

Step 1: Sign up on If you do not already have an account.

Step 2: Sign in to

2. Navigate to the business section

You will arrive at the income section as you work through the tax interview. This is where you will first be asked about W-2 income. Add this income if applicable before proceeding through the remaining sections. To quickly navigate the business section, select Federal Taxes > Income > Business.

3. Declare your business

Select that you have a business to add and enter your details - you must select that this is for a business so Schedule C or Schedule SE can be generated. This applies if you own a business or you do freelance work; for tax purposes, you own your own business if you do freelance work. If you do not select that this is for a business, the IRS may contact you to correct this so you can pay self-employment taxes.

4. Enter income, deductions, and other expenses

As someone who is self-employed, you are able to add your income earned for the business as well as expenses you had that relate to your business. You can add income you did not receive a tax form for and income you received a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC for. Deductions for expenses are added lower on the page; some items, like vehicles and mileage, are added later.

5. Deductible expenses

Don't overlook these tax savings! Be sure you work through the entire business interview so you do not miss any deductible expenses. For example, depreciation and vehicle mileage or use are entered toward the section's end.

6. Additional Information

Once you finish, eFile will have generated your Schedule C and Schedule SE - you can see your return at any point under My Account by opening the PDF return in progress.

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