Qualified Dependent for 2017

This dependent tax calculator will show you who qualifies as a dependent on a 2017 Tax Return. Because you can no longer e-file a previous year tax return, see resources for old or past-due tax returns that you can use to prepare and mail a 2017 Return.

See who qualifies as your current year tax return dependent using our free DEPENDucator.

File your current year tax return online on eFile.com! The eFile Tax App is used to self-prepare and e-file current year returns since you cannot e-file a previous year return anywhere. The eFile platform handles the tax forms and calculations for you and helps claim tax credits. See our current DEPENDucator before you use eFile.com to eFileIT in the current year.

See If Someone Is Your Tax Dependent 2017

If you're not sure if someone is your dependent on your tax return (or if somebody meets the IRS definition of a Qualifying Child or a Qualifying Relative), use the free eFile.com "DEPENDucator" or Qualifying Child Dependent Educator tax tool below:

2017 DEPENDucator
Qualifying Child Dependent Educator
If you are the taxpayer, is this person your:

The "DEPENDucator" Tax Tool will help you determine if someone is your Qualifying Child and your dependent. Just answer the "Yes" and "No" questions until the "DEPENDucator" provides you with an answer. Our DEPENDucator is a multi-year tool, so you can use it for previous year tax returns as well! See all of the requirements for claiming a Qualifying Child as a dependent.

It's good to claim dependents on your tax return because they may qualify you for certain dependent-related tax credits or deductions and/or a better filing status. Find out how to claim a dependent on your tax return. If someone is NOT your Qualifying Child, you can still claim them as a dependent if they are your Qualifying Relative. Find out if someone is your Qualifying Relative.

If you are not sure if your dependent needs to file their own tax return, visit our guide on whether or not a dependent is required to file a tax return.

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