Schedule AMD-MI (2023): Amended Return Explanation of Changes

Schedule AMD (MI) is a form used by Michigan taxpayers to explain changes made when filing an amended state income tax return (MI Amend) for tax year 2023. It details the specific adjustments (MI Change) you're reporting on your amended return compared to your original filing.

Who Needs to Use It?

  • You need to report additional income not included on your original return.
  • You discovered deductions or credits you qualify for but didn't claim previously.
  • There were errors in your original filing, such as incorrect calculations or filing status.
  • The IRS made changes to your federal return impacting your Michigan taxes.

What to Include in Schedule AMD:

Part I: Identification: Enter your name, Social Security number, and filing address. Reference the tax year you're amending (2023) and the line number(s) on Form MI-1040 where the changes occur.

Part II: Explanation of Changes: This is the heart of Schedule AMD.

  • Clearly explain each modification you're making.
  • Reference supporting documentation (receipts, W-2s, 1099s) for income, deductions, or credits being added or adjusted.
  • If correcting a math error, simply state the error and the corrected amount.

Additional Tips For Schedule AMD (MI):

  • Attach any supporting documentation (receipts, W-2s, etc.) that justifies your changes.
  • If you have multiple changes, use additional sheets and clearly reference the corresponding line numbers from Part II.
  • Ensure your calculations for the amended tax liability are accurate before submitting the form.

To access the current year's Schedule AMD (MI), click here.