Form RI-1040NR (2023): Rhode Island Nonresident Individual Income Tax Return

The RI-1040NR is a tax form used by nonresidents to file their Rhode Island (RI) individual income tax return. In simpler terms, if you earned income in RI but don't consider it your primary residence, you might need to use this form.

Who Should File Form RI-1040NR?

  • You earned income from wages, salaries, commissions, or self-employment in RI.
  • You received income from rents or royalties on property located in RI.
  • You won money from the RI lottery or other RI gambling activities.
  • You were a resident of RI for part of the year and need to file as a part-year resident. (Use Schedule V)

What Information Do I Need to File?

  • Federal tax return information (including your Adjusted Gross Income)
  • All income sources derived from or connected to RI
  • Proof of income (W-2s, 1099s, etc.)
  • Any applicable deductions and credits

Key Points to Remember about Form RI-1040NR:

  • You can file electronically or by mail.
  • The filing deadline is usually the same as the federal filing deadline (typically April 15th, with extensions available).
  • Rhode Island income tax is calculated based on your federal taxable income with some adjustments specific to RI.
  • There are exemptions and credits available that may reduce your tax liability.

To access the current year's Form RI-1040NR, click here.