Form RI-1040 (2023): Rhode Island Resident Individual Income Tax Return

The RI-1040 is the official form used by Rhode Island (RI) residents to file their state income tax return for the 2023 tax year. It reports your income earned in RI, calculates your tax liability, and determines if you owe any taxes or are eligible for a refund.

Who Needs to File Form RI-1040?

A. Residents: Anyone who was domiciled (lived) in RI for the entire year of 2023 must file an RI-1040, regardless of where their income was earned.

B. Part-Year Residents: Individuals who lived in RI for part of 2023 may need to file an RI-1040, depending on their income sources.

C. Military Spouses: Military spouses filing jointly where one spouse is stationed in RI may need to file.

What's Included In Form RI-1040?

Income: Report all taxable income earned in RI and elsewhere, including wages, salaries, interest, dividends, and retirement income.

Deductions: Reduce your taxable income by claiming allowable deductions like student loan interest, charitable contributions, and certain medical expenses.

Credits: Qualifying taxpayers can claim tax credits that further reduce their tax liability, such as the property tax relief credit or the credit for taxes paid to another state.

Tax Calculation: The form guides you through calculating your Rhode Island income tax liability.

Payment: You can include payment with your return or choose to pay electronically later.

To access the current year's Form Rl-1040, click here.