Form ND-1: North Dakota Individual Income Tax Return

Form ND-1 is the official document used by individuals in North Dakota (ND) to file their annual income tax return with the state. It reports and calculates the income tax owed by an individual for the previous year.

Who needs to file Form ND-1?

  • Residents: Generally, all residents of North Dakota, regardless of their income level, are required to file Form ND-1.
  • Part-Year Residents: If you resided in North Dakota for only part of the year, you may still be required to file Form ND-1.
  • Non-Residents: In certain cases, non-residents earning income from North Dakota sources may also need to file Form ND-1.

What information is included on Form ND-1?

A. Federal Tax Information: You'll need to enter your federal taxable income from your Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ.

B. North Dakota Adjustments: Specific adjustments may be added or subtracted from your federal taxable income to determine your taxable income in North Dakota.

C. Credits: You may be eligible for various tax credits that can reduce the amount of tax you owe.

D. Withholding and Payments: Enter any income tax withheld from your wages and any estimated tax payments you made throughout the year.

What are the deadlines for filing Form ND-1?

  • April 15th: This is the general filing deadline for individual income tax returns in the United States. However, extensions may be granted upon request.
  • October 15th: If you file for an extension, your new deadline will be October 15th.