Form MO1040: Missouri Individual Income Tax Return - Long Form

The Missouri Individual Income Tax Return - Long Form (MO 1040) is used by Missouri residents to report their income, deductions, and credits for tax year 2024. It's essentially a document you file with the state of Missouri to determine how much income tax you owe or if you'll receive a refund.

Who Needs to File MO 1040?

  • Generally, all Missouri residents who earned income during the tax year are required to file a return, regardless of their income amount.
  • There are some exceptions, though. You may not need to file if your income falls below a certain threshold or if you are claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return.

What Information Do I Need to File an MO 1040?

  • Your federal adjusted gross income (AGI) from your federal tax return (Form 1040).
  • W-2 forms from your employers reporting your wages and withholdings.
  • 1099 forms reporting other income sources like interest, dividends, or freelance work.
  • Documentation for any deductions or credits you claim.

How to File MO 1040?

  • You can file the MO 1040 electronically through an authorized tax filing software or the Missouri Department of Revenue's website
  • Alternatively, you can file a paper return. Download the Form MO 1040 attached below.

Due Date and Extensions for Form MO 1040:

  • The deadline to file your MO 1040 is typically April 15th of the following year (in this case, April 15, 2025).
  • If you can't meet that deadline, you can file an extension using Form MO-60 with the Missouri Department of Revenue. An extension will give you an additional six months to file your return, but it won't extend the deadline for paying any taxes you owe.