Form IT-40X: Indiana Amended Individual Income Tax Return

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) uses Form IT-40X, also known as IN Amend, for taxpayers to file an amended individual income tax return. This form allows you to correct errors or omissions from a previously submitted Indiana tax return (Form IT-40) for any tax year.

Who Should File Form IT-40X?

  1. Made an error in reporting income, deductions, or credits.
  2. Forgot to claim eligible deductions or credits.
  3. Received additional income statements (W-2s) after filing the original return.
  4. Need to update filing status due to life changes (marriage, divorce).

Cannot Be E-Filed: Currently, Indiana does not allow electronic filing of amended returns. You must mail the completed Form IT-40X to the DOR.

What to Include with Form IT-40X?

A. Completed Form IT-40X: Fill out all sections accurately, including the tax year you are amending and the reason for filing the amendment.

B. Explanation of Changes: Attach a detailed explanation outlining the errors or omissions you are correcting and how they affect your tax liability.

C. Supporting Documentation: Include copies of any relevant documents (W-2s, 1099s, receipts) that support the changes you are making.

D. Federal Amendment (Optional): If you are also amending your federal return, indicate so on Form IT-40X. You don't need to include a copy of the federal amended return.

Filing Instruction for Form IT-40X?

Filing Method: Paper filing only. You cannot e-file an Indiana amended return. Download the latest version of Form IT-40X and its instructions attached below.

Filing Deadline: Generally, there's no specific deadline to file Form IT-40X. However, it's recommended to file as soon as you discover the error to avoid penalties and interest charges.