Form DR 0104-X (2023): Amended Individual Income Tax Return

Form DR 0104-X is used by individuals to amend or change their previously filed Colorado (CO) Individual Income Tax Return (Form DR 0104).

Who needs to use Form DR 0104?

A. Individuals who need to report changes to their income, deductions, or credits after they have already filed their original Form DR 0104 (Colorado Individual Income Tax Return).

B. This could be due to errors discovered in the original return, receiving additional income information or documentation after filing, or claiming additional deductions or credits you were previously unaware of.

What Information is Needed to File Form DR 0104?

  1. Original tax return information: Social Security number, filing status, income, deductions, credits, etc.
  2. Changes to be made: Clearly identify the specific errors or changes being reported.
  3. Supporting documentation: Provide any documents that support the changes being made, such as pay stubs, W-2s, or receipts.

Important Points to Remember About Form DR 0104:

  1. While the original Form DR 0104 can be filed electronically, Form DR 0104-X must be mailed to the Colorado Department of Revenue.
  2. When amending your return, be sure to attach any relevant documentation to support your changes, such as corrected W-2 forms, receipts for deductions, or proof of eligibility for additional credits.
  3. Form DR 0104-X does not replace your original return. It serves as an amendment and should be filed with a copy of your original return.
  4. Generally, amended returns for tax year 2023 must be filed by three years from the original filing due date (typically April 15th, 2024) or two years from the date the tax was paid, whichever is later.

For the current year's Form DR 0104X, click here.