Form AR1000F (2023) - Arkansas Individual Income Tax Return-Full Year Resident

The Arkansas Form AR1000F (2023) is the official tax return used by full-year residents of Arkansas to report their income and calculate their state income tax liability for the tax year 2023.

Who Should File Form AR1000F?

  • You must file Form AR1000F if you were a resident of Arkansas for the entire tax year 2023 and had taxable income from wages, salaries, investments, or other sources.
  • Even if you had no federal tax liability, you may still need to file an Arkansas tax return.

What You'll Need to File Form AR1000F?

A. Federal Tax Return: Arkansas requires your federal tax return information to be filed electronically along with your AR1000F.

B. W-2s and 1099s: Gather all income statements (W-2s for wages, 1099s for interest, dividends, etc.)

C. Proof of Deductions and Credits: Documentation for any deductions or credits you claim (receipts, mortgage statements, charity donation records, etc.)

D. Social Security Numbers: Your Social Security Number (SSN) and any dependents' SSNs.

Key Filing Information for Form AR1000F:

  • Filing Deadline: The deadline to file your AR1000F is typically April 15th of the following year (April 15, 2024 for tax year 2023). However, extensions can be obtained by filing Form AR1055-IT.
  • Filing Options: You can file electronically (recommended) or by mail.
  • Payment: If you owe tax, you can submit payment electronically or by mail with a voucher (Form AR1000V).
  • Standard Deduction: Generally lower than the federal standard deduction. Individual filers can deduct $2,200, and married couples filing jointly can deduct $4,400.

To access the current year's Form AR1000F, click here.