Form 760: Virginia Resident Form Individual Income Tax Return

Form 760 is the Virginia tax return used by residents to report their income and calculate any taxes owed to the state for the tax year 2023 (tax returns are typically filed in the following year).

Who Should File?

A. Residents: If you were a resident of Virginia for more than 183 days in 2023, you generally must file a Form 760.

B. Military: Active duty military personnel stationed in Virginia may be exempt from filing, depending on their specific situation.

C. Income Threshold: Even if you weren't required to file a federal tax return, you may still need to file a Virginia return if your income exceeds a certain threshold (check the Virginia Department of Taxation website for current amounts).

What to Include In Form 760?

  • Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI): This amount is transferred from your federal tax return.
  • Virginia Adjustments: Use Schedule ADJ to report specific income and deductions allowed by Virginia that may differ from federal tax treatment.
  • Deductions: You can choose between the standard deduction or itemized deductions on Schedule A (if applicable).
  • Tax Credits: Virginia offers various tax credits that can reduce your tax liability.

How to File Form 760?

A. Paper: You can download Form 760 and instructions attached below.

B. Electronic Filing: E-filing is encouraged for faster processing and fewer errors.

C. Due Date: The filing deadline for Form 760 is typically May 1st of the following year. However, extensions can be obtained by filing Form 760-IP.