Form 502-X (2023): Maryland Resident Amended Tax Return

The Maryland Resident Amended Tax Return (Form 502X) allows individuals who filed a Maryland income tax return for tax year 2023 to correct any errors or omissions in their original filing.

Who Should File Form 502X?

  • Individuals who discover errors or omissions on their original return.
  • Those who need to claim missed deductions or credits.
  • Taxpayers whose federal return was changed by the IRS, requiring a corresponding adjustment to their Maryland return.

Information Required to File Form 502-X:

A. Original return details: Social security numbers, filing status, etc.

B. Reason for amendment: Clearly explain the changes you are making.

C. Supporting documentation: Copies of relevant documents (e.g., paystubs, W-2s, proof of deductions/credits).

D. Amended federal return: If applicable, include a copy of your amended federal return (Form 1040X).

Key Points about Form 502X:

A. Filing deadline: Generally, within three years of the original return's due date (including extensions).

B. Filing method: Paper filing is mandatory. You cannot e-file an amended Maryland return.

C. Required documents:

  • Completed Form 502X, including explanations for the changes in Part III.
  • Copies of any relevant documentation supporting the adjustments.
  • If applicable, a copy of your amended federal return (Form 1040X).

To access the current year's Form 502X, click here.