Form 1NPR: Wisconsin Income Tax Nonresident & Part-Year Resident

Form 1NPR is the Wisconsin income tax return for nonresidents and part-year residents. If you fall into one of these categories and your Wisconsin gross income (or combined gross income if filing jointly) is $2,000 or more, you are required to file this form.

Who Should File Form 1NPR?

A. Nonresidents: You are considered a nonresident if your legal domicile (permanent home) is not in Wisconsin and you spend less than 184 days in the state per year. This includes individuals who work in Wisconsin but live elsewhere.

B. Part-Year Residents: You are a part-year resident if your legal domicile is in Wisconsin but you spend less than 184 days in the state, or if your legal domicile is outside Wisconsin but you spend 184 days or more in the state. This can include seasonal workers or students.

What Information Do I Need to File Form 1NPR?

  • Your federal tax return information (Form 1040, 1040EZ, etc.)
  • Proof of income earned in Wisconsin (W-2s, 1099s, etc.)
  • Proof of income earned outside Wisconsin (optional, but helpful)
  • Documentation of any deductions or credits you are claiming

Where to Find Form 1NPR?

  • You can download the latest Form 1NPR and instructions attached below.

Additional Tips For Form 1NPR

A. Filing deadline: The deadline to file Form 1NPR is typically April 15th of the following year. However, it's always best to check the latest filing deadlines on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.

B. Payment options: You can pay any tax owed electronically, by mail, or in person.