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Does Your Relative (or Girlfriend or Boyfriend) Qualify as a Dependent?

Who is my relative?

You can claim someone as a dependent on your tax return if, according to IRS rules, they are a Qualifying Relative or a Qualifying Child.

How Do I Know If Someone Is My Qualifying Relative? 

Simply use our "RELucator" tax tool! Once you answer a few simple questions about your tax situation, you will find out if you can claim someone as a qualfying relative. It's that easy!

Check out the RELucator tax tool below! Use our other free tax tools to discover your filing status, find out if you can claim tax credits, and more! 

If you are the taxpayer, is this person:

The "RELucator" tax tool will help you determine if someone is your Qualifying Relative and therefore your dependent.

Just answer the "Yes" and "No" questions until you reach a conclusion.

See all of the requirements for claiming a Qualifying Relative as your dependent.

Can I Claim a Tax Credit for Having a Non-Child Dependent?  

You can claim a nonrefundable tax credit up to $500 if you have a dependent who is your qualifying relative (not your qualifying child) and does not qualify you to claim the Child Tax Credit. This credit is available for Tax Years 2018-2025. You may qualify for the credit if you claim any of the following dependents: 

  • Individuals 17 years and older
  • Students under age 24
  • Parents and other relatives
  • Adults with disabilities

The credit amount begins to phase out at a maximum income of $200,000 ($400,000 for Married Filing Jointly taxpayers).

What if Someone Is Not My Qualifying Relative?

You can still claim them as a dependent if they are your Qualifying Child. Find out if someone is your Qualifying Child.

If they are not your Qualifying Child nor your Qualifying Relative, then you cannot claim them as a dependent.

Why and How Do I Claim Dependents?

Dependents are good news when it comes to your tax return. That's because dependents may qualify you for other tax deductions and credits.

Find out how to claim dependents on your tax return.