Tax Return Preparation and Tax Deduction Checklist

Please use this tax return preparation and tax deduction to-do checklist to plan and prepare for your online tax return on This checklist will assist you in gathering all the important tax records and tax documents you need to prepare and efile your Federal and State Tax Return faster and more accurately.

Keep in mind that you are responsible to support and backup your online tax return with the relevant tax records or documents. Furthermore, in case of a future Federal or State Tax Audit, you will be better prepared.

For more detailed tax planning tips and information, please visit the eFile Tax Return Planning Page.

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Please print the tax to-do List below, look it over, and check off those items you have handy for your tax return.

General Taxable Income

  • ___ W-2 Form(s) for Wages, Salaries, and Tips
  • ___ Interest Income Statements: Form 1099-INT & 1099-OID
  • ___ Dividend Income Statements: Form 1099-DIV
  • ___ Sales of Stock, Land, etc.: Form 1099-B
  • ___ Sales of Real Estate: Form 1099-S
  • ___ State Tax Refunds: Form 1099-G
  • ___ Alimony Received or Paid
  • ___ Unemployment Compensation Received
  • ___ Miscellaneous Income: Form 1099-MISC

Retirement Income

Business Income

  • ___ Business Income and Expenses 
  • ___ Rental Income and Expenses
  • ___ Farm Income and Expenses
  • ___ Form K-1 Income from Partnerships, Trusts, and S-Corporations
  • ___ Tax Deductible Miles Traveled for Business Purposes

Tax Credits Checklist

Expense and Tax Deduction Checklist

  • ___ Medical Expenses for the Family
  • ___ Medical Insurance Paid
  • ___ Prescription Medicines and Drugs
  • ___ Doctor and Dentist Payments
  • ___ Hospital and Nurse Payments
  • ___ Tax Deductible Miles Traveled for Medical Purposes
  • ___ Home Mortgage Interest from Form 1098
  • ___ Home Second Mortgage Interest Paid
  • ___ Real Estate Taxes Paid
  • ___ State Taxes Paid with Last Year's Return (if itemized)
  • ___ Personal Property Taxes Paid
  • ___ Charitable Cash Contributions
  • ___ Fair Market Value of Non-cash Contributions to Charities
  • ___ Unreimbursed Expenses Related to Volunteer Work
  • ___ Miles Traveled for Volunteer Purposes
  • ___ Casualty and Theft Losses
  • ___ Amount Paid to Professional Preparer Last Year
  • ___ Unreimbursed Expenses Related to Your Job
  • ___ Miles Traveled Related to Your Job
  • ___ Union and Professional Dues
  • ___ Investment Expenses
  • ___ Job-hunting Expenses
  • ___ IRA Contributions
  • ___ Student Loan Interest Paid
  • ___ Moving Expenses
  • ___ Last Year's Tax Preparation Fee

Tax Estimate Payments Checklist

  • ___ Estimated Tax Payments Made with ES Vouchers
  • ___ Last Year's Tax Return Overpayment Applied to This Year
  • ___ Off Highway Fuel Taxes Paid

General Information

  • ___ Copy of Last Year's Tax Return
  • ___ Social Security Numbers for You and Your Spouse
  • ___ Educational Expenses for You and Your Spouse
  • ___ Dependents' Names, Years of Birth, and Social Security Numbers
  • ___ Dependents' Post High School Educational Expenses
  • ___ Child Care Expenses for Each Dependent
  • ___ Prior Year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) & Personal Identification Number (PIN)-how to find last year's adjusted gross income (AGI)
  • ___ Routing Transmit Number (RTN) (For direct deposit/debit purposes)
  • ___ Bank Account Number (BAN) (For direct deposit/debit purposes)

Print this checklist and be prepared for your tax return.

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