We have listened to users like yourself, and they have asked for the TAX FORM AUTO-SELECT Tool. What does this mean for you?

One less thing to worry about! You can click any START button on and we will do the rest. We will select the legally correct--and least expensive--tax form for you, based on the information you enter. You can have peace of mind, knowing that you get the tax form that will guarantee you the highest possible tax refund (or lowest tax payment) at the lowest possible price.

ONLY will downgrade you to a less expensive option during the tax preparation process. For example, if you started with PREMIUM (Form 1040) but you end up qualifying for FREE (1040EZ) or DELUXE (1040A), we will downgrade you to the least expensive form that still meets your filing needs. Furthermore, we will only upgrade you to a more expensive form if you are legally required to use that form to report the tax information you have entered. No other vendor offers this--not TurboTax® and not H&R Block®.  We will NOT ask you to upgrade for any other reason. You have access to the same first-rate support, tax tools, and tax deduction filing services regardless of whether you prepare a 1040EZ (Free), a 1040A (Deluxe), or a Form 1040 (Premium). 

A quick comparison will show you that not only is less expensive, but it's a better value with more benefits as well!

 efile.comTurboTax®HR Block®
Lowest Price Guarantee - -
Automatic Price Downgrade (If You Qualify) - -
No Pressure to Upgrade Your Service (and Pay More) -
Unlimited Multiple State Returns for One Price   - -
Priority Tax Return Support for All Packages   - -
Price Match Guarantee - -
1040EZ Always Free -
Deluxe Package under $25 -
Premium Package under $40 - -
State Returns under $20 -
Refund Deposited to Account Instead of a Card with Fees - -
One Deduct Fee from Refund for under $20 - -
Unlimited Free efiling -
All Packages Start for Free -
Import Prior Year Information (All Packages) - -
Maximum Refund Guarantee
100% Calculation Accuracy Guarantee    
Free Audit Assistance


So, click any START button and will do the rest, and the best, for you. 

We are confident that we offer the best value, and that's why we encourage you to compare our online tax preparation service prices and fees with those of our biggest competitors, such as TurboTax® and H&R Block®.

Compare All the Tax Preparation Service Features

At, we strive to serve you in the friendliest and most efficient manner possible. We offer 3 service packages (Free, Deluxe, and Premium), and one of them will meet your tax preparation needs. If you prepare a simple tax return which can be filed on a Form 1040EZ, your tax return will be free. If your return does not qualify for the free service, you will be charged for the least expensive package that meets your needs.

Below is an overview of the features offered by each of the service packages.

Unlimited efiles Included
Easy Step-by-Step Interview/Q&A - Answer Simple Tax Questions
Refund Calculated as You Go
Identifies Deductions and Credits for You
Selects and Completes Tax Forms for You
Performs All Mathematical Calculations for You
Automatic Error Checking
Carries Forward Previously Entered Information - Saves Time
Identifies Missing and Incomplete Information
Priority Support Included
Import Last Year's Data
Audit Assistance Included
Prepare and efile Multiple State Returns for Any Residency Status
One Additional Charge for Unlimited Multiple State Returns
Stop n' Go - Come Back to Your Return Later
Prepare Amended Tax Return (Form 1040X)
Prepare and efile Tax Extension (Form 4868)
100% Calculation Accuracy Guaranteed
Fast Direct Deposit of Tax Refund
Biggest Refund Guaranteed
Supports Single and Married/Joint Filers
Supports Wage, Salary, and Reported Tip Income (Form W-2)
Calculates Earned Income Credit (Schedule EIC)
Supports Unemployment Income (Form 1099-G)
Supports All Filing Statuses -
Supports Adjustments to Income -
Supports Dependents -
Supports Child Tax Credit -
Supports Dependent Care Credit (Form 2441) -
Supports Education Credits (Form 8863) -
Supports Education Deductions -
Supports IRA Deductions -
Supports Investment Income -
Supports Itemized Deductions (Schedule A) - -
Supports Self-Employment Income (Schedule C) - -
Supports Adoption Credit (Form 8839) - -
Supports Health Coverage Tax Credit (Form 8885) - -
Supports Farm Income (Schedule F) - -
Supports Rental Property Income and Deductions - -
Supports Household Employment Taxes - -
Supports Partnership and S-Corporation Income - -
Supports Disaster Loss Deductions - -
Supports Incomes of $100,000 or More - -

Find details about the benefits and features to prepare taxes online using the 3 Online Tax Preparation Services (for Form 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040).

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