Things to Do After You File or efile Your Tax Return

Congratulations! You've filed your tax return. Now what do you need to do? Just follow the steps below after you have filed or efiled your tax return.

1. Check Your Tax Return Status After You've Filed

Before you check to see where your tax refund is, you should check the status of your tax return to make sure that your return has been accepted by the IRS.

  1. First, check your tax return status.
  2. Then, track your tax refund.

2. If Your Return Was Rejected by the IRS, Correct Any Errors

You'll receive an email from if your tax return was rejected by the IRS. Don't worry: A rejection can be a simple typo or something else very easy to correct. If you efiled your return, the error(s) can be easily identified and corrected online. Sign in to your account and you should see instructions on how to correct the errors on your tax return. Make the necessary corrections and efile again at no additional charge.

See more information about tax return errors and IRS rejection codes.

3. Check Your Tax Refund Status

Once your tax return has been accepted by the IRS, you can check the status of your tax refund: Where Is My Refund?

The amount of time it takes to get your refund depends on how you chose to receive it:

  • Direct Bank Deposit (generally 7-21 days after IRS approval)
  • Check by Mail (at least 3 to 4 weeks after IRS approval)

Learn more about checking your tax refund status.

4. Paying Tax Debt: Consider Your Tax Payment Options

After you prepare and efile your tax return, if you have a balance due to the IRS, you can pay using any of the following options:

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Credit card or debit card
  • Check or money order
  • Installment plan
  • Offer-in-compromise

See details of the above tax payment options and installment plan tax payment options.

Are you currently in debt? Don't panic: There are various way to help pay your tax debt!

5. Need to Correct an Accepted Tax Return? Amend Your Return

Did you receive another tax form in the mail after you already filed your return? Was your return accepted by the IRS with an error on it? Don't worry, you can make additions or corrections by filing an amended tax return. Find out how to prepare and file a tax amendment.

6. Oh No, Not Me! Dealing with a Tax Audit

Did you get a tax audit notice from the IRS? These tax audit help tips will help you go through and complete the Audit Appeal and Audit Reconsideration process.

Most people will never have to deal with a tax audit.

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