IT-140V: West Virginia Individual Income Tax Electronic Payment Voucher & Instructions

The IT-140V, also known as the West Virginia Individual Income Tax Electronic Payment Voucher, is a form used to accompany your payment when you owe taxes on your West Virginia personal income tax return. It helps the West Virginia State Tax Department identify your payment and ensure it's processed accurately.

Who Needs the IT-140V?

A. You need this voucher only if you owe tax on your personal income tax return filed with the West Virginia State Tax Department.

B. If your return shows a refund or you have no tax due, you don't need to use the IT-140V.

What to Do with the IT-140V:

Step 1: Detach the voucher: Carefully cut along the dotted line to separate the IT-140V from your tax return.

Step 2: Fill out the voucher:

  • Enter your Social Security Number (SSN) in the first block (top line).
  • Write the first four letters of your last name in the second block (top line).
  • If filing a joint return, enter your spouse's SSN on the second line.
  • In the third block (top line), enter the total amount you owe in tax.
  • Clearly print your full name(s) and complete mailing address on the last three lines.
  • If submitting an amended tax return, mark the "Amended" box to ensure proper processing.

Step 3: Prepare your payment:

  • Make your check or money order payable to "West Virginia State Tax Department." Do not send cash!
  • Write your SSN, daytime phone number, and "Form IT-140V" on the front of your check or money order.
  • Ensure your name and address are printed on the payment method. If not, write them clearly.

Step 4: Send your payment and voucher separately:

Do not attach the IT-140V or your payment to your tax return. They should be mailed separately.

Step 5: Mail your payment and voucher to:

West Virginia State Tax Department
Tax Account Administration Division
P.O. Box 11385
Charleston, WV 25339-1385

Important Deadlines: To avoid interest and penalties, ensure your payment reaches the department by the filing deadline, typically April 15th of each year.

Do I need the IT-140V if I'm filing electronically?

Yes. Even if you file your tax return electronically, you still need to submit a separate payment with the completed IT-140V voucher mailed to the address mentioned above.

Where can I find the IT-140V form?

You can download the Form IT-140V attached below.

What if I make a mistake on the IT-140V?

While a minor error might not cause significant issues, it's best to ensure all information (SSN, amount, address) is accurate on the voucher. If you discover a mistake, you can correct it by hand (neatly) and write "corrected" next to the change.