Form MI-1040-V: Michigan Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher

Form MI-1040-V is a payment voucher used by Michigan residents to submit their individual income tax payment to the Michigan Department of Treasury. It's specifically designed for those who electronically file (e-file) their Michigan tax return (Form MI-1040).

What is the Purpose of Form MI-1040-V?

The primary purpose of Form MI-1040-V is to simplify the payment process for electronically filed tax returns. By including this form with your payment, the Michigan Department of Treasury can efficiently link your payment to your e-filed return, ensuring faster processing and accurate crediting.

Who Uses Form MI-1040-V?

This form is specifically for taxpayers who have e-filed their Michigan individual income tax return (Form MI-1040). If you mailed a paper return, you don't need Form MI-1040-V. The payment instructions for paper filers are included with Form MI-1040.

How to Submit Payment with Form MI-1040-V

Step 1: Make your check payable to "State of Michigan."

Step 2: Write "2024 MI-1040-V" and the last four digits of your Social Security number on the front of your check. (If paying for someone else, include their last four digits of SSN instead.)

Step 3: Detach Form MI-1040-V from the instruction sheet.

Step 4: Mail the payment voucher along with your check to the address provided on the form (typically a P.O. Box in Lansing, MI).

Step 5: Do not fold, staple, or write any notes on the voucher.

Do I need to use Form MI-1040-V if I e-file my return?

No, using Form MI-1040-V is optional. You can make your payment electronically through your e-filing software provider if available. However, using the voucher simplifies the process and ensures proper allocation of your payment.

Can I pay electronically instead of mailing a check?

Yes, you can explore electronic payment options offered by your e-filing software provider. In this case, you wouldn't need to use Form MI-1040-V.

What happens if I miss the filing deadline or make a late payment?

Late filing or payment may result in penalties and interest charges. Refer to the Michigan Department of Treasury website or tax instructions for details on late filing and payment penalties.

Where can I download the Form MI-1040-V?

You can download the Form MI-1040-V attached below.