Form K-40: Kansas Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher

Form K-40V, also known as the Kansas Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher, is a detachable form from the K-40 Individual Income Tax Return booklet. It serves as a convenient way to submit your payment for Kansas state income taxes when you file your return.

What's the Purpose of K-40V?

The primary purpose of K-40V is to simplify the payment process for your Kansas income tax liability. By including the completed voucher with your return, you can submit both your tax filing and payment in one step.

Who Should Use K-40V?

This voucher is generally for individuals who are filing a K-40 Individual Income Tax Return and owe Kansas state income taxes. It's an easy option for those who prefer to pay with a check or money order along with their return filing.

What Information Do I Need on the K-40V?

The K-40V is a simple form requiring following information to ensure proper crediting of your payment:

Your Name and Social Security Number (SSN): Print your full name and SSN accurately. If filing jointly, include your spouse's information as well.

Name or Address Change: If your name or address has changed since the previous year, mark the designated box.

Payment Details: Detach the voucher and include it with your check or money order made payable to "Kansas Income Tax." Ensure your SSN is clearly printed on the payment instrument.

How to File Form K-40V?

Step 1: Complete your K-40 Individual Income Tax Return: Calculate your tax liability using the K-40 form.

Step 2: Detach the K-40V Payment Voucher: The voucher is usually attached at the bottom or back of the K-40 instructions.

Step 3: Fill out the K-40V: Enter the required information mentioned above.

Step 4: Attach your Payment: Make your check or money order payable to "Kansas Income Tax" for the full amount of tax owed as shown on your K-40 return. Ensure your Social Security number is printed on the check or money order.

Step 5: Submit your K-40 and K-40V together: Mail them to this address: KANSAS INCOME TAX, KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE, PO BOX 750260, TOPEKA KS 66699-0260

Where can I find Form K-40V?

You can download Form K-40V attached below.

Is there a deadline to submit Form K-40V?

Yes, the deadline to submit your tax return and payment (using Form K-40V) is typically April 15th of the following year. Late payments are subject to penalties and interest.

Can I pay electronically instead of using Form K-40V?

Yes, the Kansas Department of Revenue offers various electronic payment options. You can explore these options and pay electronically on their website:

What happens if I overpay my taxes?

If you overpay your taxes, you'll receive a refund from the state of Kansas. You can indicate your preferred refund method (direct deposit or check) on your tax return (Form K-40).

I lost my Form K-40V. What should I do?

You can download a new copy of Form K-40V from the Kansas Department of Revenue website or request a duplicate from them directly.