Form CT-1040 EXT: Application for Extension of Time to File Connecticut Income Tax Return for Individuals

Form CT-1040 EXT, also known as CT1040EXT, is an official document used by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) to request an extension of time to file your individual Connecticut income tax return. It grants you an additional six months to complete and submit your CT-1040 form.

What's the Purpose of Form CT-1040 EXT?

This form is crucial if you anticipate needing more time to gather your tax documents, complete your tax return accurately, or consult with a tax professional. It's important to remember that filing a CT-1040 EXT only extends the deadline to file your return, not the deadline to pay any taxes you may owe.

Who Should File Form CT-1040 EXT?

Here are some common scenarios where filing Form CT-1040 EXT might be necessary:

A. Incomplete Records: You haven't received all your tax documents (W-2s, 1099s, etc.) by the filing deadline.

B. Complex Tax Situation: Your tax situation involves multiple income sources, investments, or deductions that require additional time to process.

C. Awaiting Professional Help: You're working with a tax preparer or accountant who needs more time to finalize your return.

D. Out-of-Country: You are outside the United States for extended periods for filing purposes (similar to federal extension).

Key Points to Remember About Form CT-1040 EXT

Deadline: File Form CT-1040 EXT by the original due date of your Connecticut income tax return (typically April 15th) to be considered on time.

Estimated Tax Payment: Even though you get more time to file, you are still responsible for estimating and paying any Connecticut income tax you owe by the original due date.

Federal Extension: If you already filed a federal extension (Form 4868) with the IRS, you typically don't need to file a separate CT-1040 EXT with the DRS.

Electronically Filing: The DRS encourages electronic filing of Form CT-1040 EXT through their Taxpayer Service Center (TSC) for faster processing.

No Justification Required: You don't necessarily need to provide a reason for your extension request as long as you meet the filing deadline. However, having a valid reason can strengthen your case if your extension is denied.

Does filing a CT-1040 EXT automatically grant me an extension?

Not necessarily. While the DRS usually grants six-month extensions upon timely filing, there can be exceptions. Make sure to submit your form by the due date to avoid penalties.

How much of an extension does Form CT-1040 EXT provide?

Form CT-1040 EXT grants a standard six-month extension. If you require a longer extension, you may need to submit additional documentation explaining your unique circumstances.

What happens if I don't file Form CT-1040 EXT and miss the filing deadline?

Missing the filing deadline without an extension may result in penalties and interest charges on any unpaid taxes.

Can I request an extension to pay my Connecticut income tax?

Yes, but you'll need to file a separate form, CT-1127, Application for Extension of Time for Payment of Income Tax. This form can be attached to your CT-1040 or CT-1040 EXT for simultaneous filing.

Where can I find Form CT-1040 EXT?

You can download Form CT-1040 EXT attached below.