Form AR1000V - Arkansas Individual Income Tax Return Payment Voucher

Form AR1000V, also known as the Arkansas Individual Income Tax Return Payment Voucher, is a crucial document used when submitting payment with your Arkansas individual income tax return. It acts as a bridge between your tax return and your payment, ensuring the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) can efficiently process your tax filing.

What is the Purpose of Form AR1000V?

The primary purpose of Form AR1000V is to ensure proper processing of your tax payment. By including this completed voucher with your payment, the DFA can efficiently match your payment to the correct tax return, reducing the risk of delays or errors.

Who Needs to Use Form AR1000V?

You need to use Form AR1000V if you are filing an Arkansas individual income tax return and sending a payment along with it. This applies to situations like:

A. Original Tax Return: When filing your tax return for the first time for a particular tax year.

B. Amended Return: If you need to make corrections to a previously filed tax return and owe additional tax.

How to Use Form AR1000V?

Using Form AR1000V is a straightforward process:

Step 1: Download the Form: You can download the latest version of Form AR1000V attached below.

Step 2: Complete the Voucher: Fill out the required information on the voucher, including your name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), spouse's SSN (if applicable), amount of payment, and whether it's for an original or amended return.

Step 3: Attach to Payment: Include the completed Form AR1000V with your check or money order made payable to "Department of Finance and Administration" in US dollars. Write your SSN on your check or money order.

Step 4: Mail Together: Mail the completed Form AR1000V, your payment, and your tax return (Form AR1000F, AR1000NR, or AR1000S) to the address: Arkansas State Income Tax, P.O. Box 8149, Little Rock, AR 72203-8149.

Can I pay electronically instead of using Form AR1000V?

Yes, absolutely! The Arkansas DFA encourages electronic payments through their secure Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP) at

Can I submit Form AR1000V without a tax return?

No. Form AR1000V is specifically designed to be submitted with your tax return and payment. It cannot be used for standalone payments.

Where can I find instructions for completing Form AR1000V?

You can find the latest version of Form AR1000V and its instructions attached below.

What happens if I don't include Form AR1000V with my payment?

While not including Form AR1000V won't necessarily prevent your payment from being processed, it could lead to delays in crediting your payment to your tax return. This could potentially result in late payment penalties or interest charges.

What if I lose my copy of Form AR1000V?

You can easily download a new copy of Form AR1000V from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration website.