Form 511V: Oklahoma Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher

Form 511V, also known as the Oklahoma Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher, is a document used by the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) to help them process your individual income tax payment efficiently. It's essentially a detachable slip attached to your tax return (Form 511 or 511NR) that you can use to include your Social Security number and other relevant information alongside your check or money order.

Who Should Use Form 511V?

While using Form 511V isn't mandatory, it's highly recommended for individuals who:

A. Filed a paper tax return: If you opted for the traditional paper method to file your Oklahoma income tax return (Form 511 or 511NR), using the 511V voucher simplifies the payment process by keeping your tax return and payment together.

B. Have a balance due: This voucher is particularly helpful if you owe any tax after filing your return. Including the completed 511V with your check or money order ensures your payment is accurately linked to your specific tax return.

How to Use Form 511V?

Step 1: Get the Form: Download the form 511V voucher attached below.

Step 2: Complete the Voucher: Fill out the following sections on the voucher:

  • Reporting Period: Enter the beginning and ending dates of the tax year the payment applies to.
  • Due Date: Indicate the due date for your tax return.
  • Taxpayer Information: Provide your Social Security number and, if filing jointly, your spouse's Social Security number.
  • Payment Amount: Enter the total amount of your tax payment.

Step 3: Attach Payment: Include your check or money order made payable to the "Oklahoma Tax Commission" along with the completed voucher.

Step 4: Mail Together: Send the completed Form 511V with your tax return and payment to the address provided on the voucher: Oklahoma Tax Commission, PO Box 26890, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0890.

Is using Form 511V mandatory?

No, using Form 511V is entirely optional. You can still submit your payment with your tax return without the voucher. However, using the form can expedite processing and reduce the risk of errors.

Can I pay electronically without Form 511V?

Absolutely! The Oklahoma Tax Commission offers a secure online payment system called OkTAP. You can access OkTAP through the OTC website:

What happens if I lose my Form 511V?

Don't worry! You can download another copy from the OTC website or request a new one by contacting them directly. Your payment can still be processed without the voucher, but including it can ensure faster and more accurate allocation.

Where do I mail my completed Form 511V and payment?

Mail your completed Form 511V to: Oklahoma Tax Commission, PO Box 26890, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0890.

Where can I get Form 511V?

You can download the latest version of Form 511V attached below.