Form 43: Part-Year Resident & Nonresident Income Tax Return (2023)

Form 43, officially titled "Part-Year Resident and Nonresident Income Tax Return," is a document used by individuals who lived in Idaho for only part of the year (part-year residents) or not at all (nonresidents) during 2023 to file their Idaho income taxes. It's crucial for anyone who falls under these categories to understand their tax obligations in the state.

Who Needs to File Form 43?

A. Part-Year Residents: If you established residency in Idaho for any part of 2 (two) calendar years in a row, you're considered a part-year resident. This means you need to file Form 43 to report income earned while residing in the state.

B. Nonresidents: If you never lived in Idaho during 2023 but earned income from sources within the state (wages, interest, rent, etc.), you're considered a nonresident and may need to file Form 43.

What Income Needs to be Reported on Form 43?

Part-Year Residents: Report all income earned while residing in Idaho during 2023. This includes wages, salaries, tips, interest, dividends, rental income, and any other taxable income sources.

Nonresidents: Report only income earned from sources located within Idaho during 2023. For example, if you were employed by an Idaho company while living in a different state, the wages earned from that Idaho company would be reported on Form 43.

Do I need to file Form 43 if I earned very little income in Idaho?

Yes. There's no minimum income threshold for filing Form 43. If you were a part-year resident or nonresident with any Idaho-sourced income in 2023, you should file.

How can I determine if I'm a part-year resident or nonresident for Idaho tax purposes?

The Idaho State Tax Commission website provides resources to help you determine your residency status. You can also consult a tax professional for guidance.

What if I worked in Idaho for part of the year and another state for the rest?

In this scenario, you may need to file tax returns in both states. Form 43 will help you report your Idaho income, and you'll need to file a separate return with your state of residence for income earned there. However, tax credits for income taxes paid to other states might be available on Form 43 to avoid double taxation.

Can I file Form 43 electronically?

Yes, you can file Form 43 electronically through the Idaho State Tax Commission's website. This is generally the fastest and most efficient way to file.

Where can I find Form 43 and instructions?

You can download Form 43 and its accompanying instructions attached below.