Prior Year or Old AGI - Adjusted Gross Income

IRS Identity PIN

Important: The IRS is not giving the option to obtain and enter IRS efile PINs on efiled tax returns for 2016 and later Tax Years. You will need to enter your prior-year AGI to verify your identity with the IRS. If you do not know your AGI from last year and you do not have a copy of your last year's return, you can view your AGI by getting a transcript online of your prior year return from the IRS.

Did the IRS reject your efiled tax return because of a wrong prior-year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) amount? You can easily fix this common error and get your return accepted by the IRS on! Correct your AGI, then efile your tax return again without any extra charges.

When you efile your 2016 Tax Return, you will need to provide your 2015 AGI. Review the sections below for information on a prior-year AGI: 

What is a Prior-Year AGI?

Why Would I Need a Prior-Year AGI?

Do I Qualify to Get a Prior-Year AGI?

Where Can I Find My Prior-Year AGI?

Where Do I Enter My Prior-Year AGI?

What If I Do Not Have My Prior-Year AGI?

What If I Did Not File or Efile a Tax Return Last Year?

What Am I Asked About an IP PIN?

Why Do I Need to Enter a PIN?

What is a Prior-Year AGI?

This is the Adjusted Gross Income amount on last year's tax return (2015). The AGI establishes your identity so you can efile your tax return.

Why Would I Need a Prior-Year AGI?

You would only need a prior-year AGI if you are efiling your tax return to the IRS.

Do I Qualify to Get a Prior-Year AGI?

Yes, if you filed a tax return last year. The AGI is listed on the return.

Where Can I Find My Prior-Year AGI?

Depending on which form you filed last year, look for your AGI on:

  • Line 37 of Form 1040
  • Line 21 of Form 1040A
  • Line 4 of Form 1040EZ
  • Line 36 of Form 1040NR

If you filed your 2015 tax return on, sign into your account and download your return from the My Account screen. 

How Can I Get My AGI If I Did Not Efile My Previous Year Return on

You can use the Get Transcript Online option to immediately view your AGI to efile your return. You can also request a transcript by mail from here.

Alternatively, you can call the IRS Telephone Assistance line at 1-800-829-1040. Once the IRS has verified your identity, they can give you your prior-year AGI over the phone. 

Find out how to get a copy of your prior year tax return from the IRS.

What If I Need a Copy of My State Tax Return?

Please contact your State Tax Agency.

Where Do I Enter My Prior-Year AGI?

Follow the instructions on how to enter your AGI here. 

What If I Do Not Have My Prior-Year AGI?

You will need to print your return, sign it, and mail it to the IRS so it can be filed and accepted. The IRS is no longer providing the option to obtain and enter Electronic Filing PINs on efiled tax returns. 

What If I Did Not File or Efile a Tax Return Last Year? 

During the efile process on, you will be asked, "Did you file a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) last year?" If you did not file a 2015 Tax Return with the IRS, answer "No". Once this happens, we will automatically enter "0" as the number to verify your identity with the IRS ("0" is your AGI for 2015 since you did not have any income that year).

You will then be directed to a screen where you can choose a self-select PIN to use as your electronic signature. This PIN can be any five digits except "00000" or "12345".

Why Am I Asked About an IP PIN?

After you enter your prior-year AGI, we will ask you if the IRS provided an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN). This 6-digit PIN is assigned to a victim of attempted identity theft, and it's sent to the taxpayer in a letter via certified mail. 

If you received an IP PIN from the IRS, answer "Yes" and enter your IP PIN on the next screen. Otherwise, answer "No" and you will not be asked to enter an IP PIN. 

Why Do I Need to Enter a PIN?

Once you have verified your identity with the IRS, you need to enter a PIN to electronically sign your 2016 tax return. It can be any five numbers (except "00000" or "12345"). 

Instructions on How to Correctly Enter Your 2015 AGI on



First, please sign in to your tax return here:

Then, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Click "File" located on the left menu.
  2. On the next screen, you will see your refund/balance due amount. Click "Continue".
  3. Your return will be completed. When it is finished, click "Continue". (Click the "View Return" button if you want to view/print your forms).
  4. The next screen is the "Efile Selection" screen. Make sure you select the return(s) you want to efile. Click "Continue".
  5. On the next screen select if you want to have your refund mailed or deposited. Click "Continue".
  6. You will come to a screen where you will be asked if you (or your spouse, if your filing status is Married Filing Jointly) filed a tax return last year. Select "Yes" and click Continue.
  7. You will be directed to a screen labeled "To E-file, You Must Identify Yourself to the IRS". Enter your AGI in the box next to the "Enter last year's AGI" phrase. If you are filing a joint tax return, enter the same AGI for you and your spouse (if you or your spouse did not file or efile a tax return last year, enter "0" in the appropriate AGI field). Once you have entered your AGI(s), click "Continue". (note: the image below is for informational purposes and is not interactive)

How to enter prior-year AGI

9. Next, you are asked if you (and/or your spouse) received an Identity Protection PIN from the IRS. Click "Yes" if you received one and enter the IP PIN on the next screen. Otherwise, click "No" and you will not be asked to enter an IP PIN. 

10. The next screen will ask you to create a PIN to sign your return. This can be any five numbers you choose except "00000".

11. Click "Continue" and your return will be created. On the next screen, enter the security code shown on the screen and click the "E-file" button to send your return.

12. You will receive an email confirming that your return has been filed. You should hear back from the IRS in 24 - 48 hours concerning the status of your return. If you did not receive an email, make sure you do not have a spam filter blocking it.

Important: You can efile your tax return as many times as you need to at no extra charge. Simply correct your AGI or PIN and efile or re-submit your tax return again.

How Can I Get More Help on Entering My IRS e-File PIN or Prior Year AGI? 

Contact an Taxpert to receive personal assistance on correcting and re-filing your tax return so the IRS accepts it.