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We offer an assortment of free web apps and tax tools to help make tax return preparation easier for you. All of these easy-to-use tax estimator and tax educator tools are FREE of charge.

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Tax Educator Tools

Do I need to file a tax return?

To File or Not to File? That IS the Question!

Do I have to file a return? It’s a question that many of us have. Use our new “FILucator” tool to help you find the answer to your question - Do I have to (or should I?) file a tax return?

Get your answer now with the “FILucator”!


Can you claim your child as a dependent?

Need to Know if Someone Is Your Dependent? Find out with the "DEPENDucator"!

The Qualifying Child Dependent Educator Tool will help you to determine if a qualifying child can be a dependent on your tax return or not.

Start the "DEPENDucator" now!


Determine if a relative is a dependent

Want to Know Who Else Can Be Your Dependent? You'll Get Along with the "RELucator"!

Not sure if a particular person counts as your Qualifying Relative? The Qualifying Relative Educator Tool will assist you to find out.

Start the “RELucator” now!


See if you qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

“Care” to Know if you Qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit? Try our “CAREucator”!

Child and dependent care costs a lot! See if you qualify for the valuable Child and Dependent Care tax credit and you might get a nice credit for your child care or dependent care expenses.

Count on the "CAREucator" now!


Head of Household tax return filing status

Do You Qualify as a Head of Household? Work It Out with the "HOHucator"!

It's the Head of Household (HOH) Qualifying Person Educator Tool. It will assist you in determining if you have a Qualifying Person to use for the Head of Household (or HOH) filing status. Find out with a few simple "Yes" or "No" answers.

Fire up the "HOHucator”!


Earned income tax credit

Do You Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit? You Can Count on the "EICucator"!

Do you work for a living but only earn a modest income (i.e. not enough)? You might qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC or EIC). The free and easy-to-use "EICucator" tool will let you know whether or not you qualify.

Find out with the "EICucator"!

Once you find out if you qualify for the EIC, you can also find out how much credit you may qualify for!

See how much EIC you might get!


will the Child Tax Credit help me

Do You Qualify for the Child Tax Credit? Discover the Amazing "KIDucator"!

Do you have dependent children? If so, you may be able to get a nice tax credit! Find out if you qualify for the Child Tax Credit by using the "KIDucator".

Go to the "KIDucator"!


help to determine your filing status

Sometimes Life is Complicated: Do You Need to Know Your Filing Status? The "STATucator" Has Your Answer!

There are a number of factors that go into selecting your tax filing status and it can be confusing. The "STATucator" tool will guide you through the process of determining the right filing status for you. Simply answer "Yes" and "No" to the questions until the STATucator provides you with your recommended filing status.

Start the "STATucator" now!


help to determine your filing status

Not Sure How To Complete Your W-4? Use Our New Taxometer!

Did you know that the tax refund you receive when you file your return is your money? You can have that money now by updating your W-4 (if you don't receive a refund, you can update your W-4 so you owe less tax next year). Our Taxometer will help you determine how many allowances to claim on your Form W-4 so you will meet your tax goals!

Go to the Taxometer Now!


Tax Calculator and Estimator Tools

How much will you owe the IRS. Use our taxstimator to find out.

Estimate--or Just Play around with--Your Taxes! Use the Friendly "TaxStimator"!

After you have worked with all of the above Educator Tools, now it's time to see what this might all mean when Tax Day arrives.

The "TaxStimator" (or Tax Estimator or Tax Calculator) will estimate your 2016 tax return refund, or how much you will owe the IRS.

Estimate and calculate now with the "TaxStimator"!

Estimate your Federal Tax Refund Date