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Feedback from Engaging eFilers

  • "I just wanted to tell you that i LOVE this site and the service! For the past few months, i have filled out numerous forms and pieces of information on all of the big names--Turbotax, H and R Block, Taxact, etc--and all of them have attempted to charge super high fees for 'extra services' and still didn't give me near the accuracy as your site did! so thank you! thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much for having such a wonderful site and service! Truly it has been a wonderful blessing, especially during this trying financial time in our family! Thank you! "- Michael, FL
  • "This is my third year in a row using you guys. You make it easy to do my taxes! Everything is straightforward ... no guesswork. Everything flows. Your website works SO well ... very seamless and smooth. I really appreciate you guys. Thank you!" - Jeffrey, GA
  • "I just wanted to thank you for making the site so easy to use and walking me through my federal and state returns. I was filing in multiple states with multiple employers and was concerned, but your site made it very easy. When I did have a concern, the customer service response I got was quick and clear. I appreciate your help at the VERY busy time." - Bonnie, WV
  • "Repeat customers 4 years ........excellent service and very professional.....very very user friendly" - Eamonn, NJ
  • "This was a wonderful service for us." Many thanks. - Billy, KY
  • "Every little bit helps to make this tax experience less stressful. I can tell you I will use again, it was so easy to use. Thank you again for help to lighten my financial stress this year." - Ramona
  • "I just wanted to complement you guys on this system. I was impressed with the fast and useful replies to my questions." - Krishna, CA
  • "It was simple and easy to use." - Jessica, KY
  • "I was surprised at how incredibly easy it was to file my taxes with this website. It was way less complicated than any other source I have used, and has a lot of great ways to help me understand what I am doing and why it is done that way. Totally stress free! Thanks a bunch!" - Rebecca ,WI
  • "The process was incredibly easy to use." - Kim, CO
  • "Just doing my own taxes for the first time makes me jumpy. Thank you all for your amazing help. You all rock!" - Michele, OR
  • "Amazingly simple and straightforward - thank you for making this as pleasant as possible!" - Jay, MD
  • "I've used this site for a few yrs & I personally wouldn't use another. It's so very easy to navigate & doesn't take much time at all. I always recommend this site to my friends even when they're throwing around the big names like TurboTax. Naw, I"m good. I'm not giving up my! You guys have never let me down & when I had to use customer support, they were awesome! Thanks for what you do!" - Mike 
  • "My first time doing my own taxes. I was surprised how well it went, and my husband is also self employed. I will use it again next year. Loved the 20% discount and it only cost me like $45 to file for Federal and State taxes. Good job!!!!!!"- Sharolyn, CA
  • "I don’t think there can be an improvement on such wonderful service!"- Veronica, NC

  • "I was impressed with the quick and easy to follow feedback from the support help! (this was my first efile)"- Margaret, WI
  • "This is to formally notify each of you that I have successfully filed both my Federal and State income tax forms. I want to thank each of you for your assistance in helping and aged 76 1/2 'old' gentleman wade thru the maze of the forms in order to achieve what I, (no what YOU) have helped me to do. Again, gentlemen, thanks a lot." - Albert, OR
  • I-ve used now for several years and it has made tax preparation a breeze! Help topics are well suited to what I need, and other than the general frustration of paying WAY TOO MUCH in taxes, I think you guys are GREAT!! - Michael
  • Very easy to use and reasonable. - Joseph, MD
  • I-m very happy with my tax filing through you all. I had filed with you last year and I found it extremely helpful that my information was kept on file. It saved me tons of time! If I needed a question answered, the "Tell me more" options were clear and answered my questions. Thank you so much! - Abrah
  • I wanted so say this has been such a pleasant experience, I was so scared of doing my taxes myself. I will continue to be a customer from this point on. Thanks. - Tiffany, OH
  • This year was my first year filing with It was easy, fast and best of all simple! I asked a question and received my response the next day with a very clear and helpful response, which also linked me to more informational pages! Overall Super HAPPY! Already recommended it to friends! Thanks see you next year! - Angela, CA
  • I absolutely LOVE! I have used this from the first time I-ve done my taxes on my own, and I have never been disappointed. I used to use H and R Block until I had my taxes done incorrectly. I recommend to all my friends and coworkers, and they were surprised how easy it was and how much cheaper it was. I like how I can track my own taxes on my time. Thank you for making Tax Time headache-free! - Amanda, MD
  • This is awesome. Thank you for making it so SIMPLE and user-friendly!! - Danielle, MN
  • Omg. I love this site. So convenient and easy. It is not stressful at all - Lashonda, NC
  • You guys are awesome and so helpful thank you I will use efile from now on. I used it last year to. Thank you for the quick responses - Dana, MI
  • Outside of timing out, this was generally a good experience. Found it to be pretty easy. Appreciate the explanations. Thank you for the service. - Byron, OK
  • I just wanted to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR APP. Thanks for making my tax season SOOO MUCH BETTER!! - Cathy, AL