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The W-4 Taxometer Tool - Find Your Tax Balance Now

What to do with my W-4?

Give Your Paycheck a Workout-Taxercise Your Taxes Now!

Did you know that the majority of employees don't know or don't have the tools to optimize their W-4 Form or the difference between dependents and allowances?

The tax refund money you receive with your tax return is your money that you give to the IRS interest free. You can have or keep your money now!

We at are here to help you balance your taxes. Start with the free Taxometer tools below so you reach your Personal Tax Goal for the year. Contact us if you are not sure how to either receive your tax refund money now or how to reduce tax payments with your next tax return.

Do you want a bigger paycheck now by balancing your tax withholding?

Let's See... Did you get a tax refund with your last year's tax return?

Are you sure? So, no tax refund, no tax payments for you, last year?

Which means you gave the IRS and State too much of your money in the form of tax withholding each pay period. Are you cool with giving your money to the government, interest free, only to get it back later as a refund?

It means you did not withhold enough tax from your paycheck each pay period. Do you still want to owe taxes next year?

Frequently Asked Questions About the W-4 Form and Paycheck Withholding

What is a W-4? This is the tax form you use to report how much federal tax you want taken out from your paycheck.

Why Do I Need to Complete a W-4 Form? To determine if you will receive a tax refund, owe taxes, or be tax balanced when you file your tax return next April.

How Do I Adjust My Form W-4, Paycheck Withholding? Decrease or increase the amount of your allowances.

Complete the W-4EZ form

The Original W-4 Form

Where Do I Submit a W-4? Once you print and sign the W-4 form, hand it to your current employer.

How Often Can I Submit a W-4? There is no limit. We suggest submitting your W-4 between pay periods or paychecks.

How Many Allowances Should I Claim on My W-4? This is up to you and depends on whether you want a tax refund, owe taxes, or be tax balanced. Though our Taxometer will help you determine your allowance amount, you may want to increase or or decrease your current allowances by 1 or 2, and then give your employer the new W-4 that shows the tax withholding that matches your tax goals.  

Where Can I Find the Withholding Form For My State? Visit our state income tax page to find your state's tax withholding form.

What If I Have More Questions? Contact an Taxpert!