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State Income Tax Returns

Compared to H&R Block® or TurboTax® where you pay about $35 per state you prepare and efile, on you can prepare and efile as many states as you wish for one low price of $24.95. There is no limit to the amount of state tax returns you can prepare and file on You can file resident, nonresident, and part-year resident returns for any state.

On, state returns are free with the Free Federal Edition (Form 1040-EZ). State returns cost only $24.95 in the Deluxe Edition and Premium Edition. The fee covers as many state returns as you need to file (other sites will charge you per state return). This is especially important if you lived in one state and worked in another state, so you have to file more than one state return.

List of States That Collect Income Taxes

State Income Tax Deadlines, Extensions, Amendments

You may need to file a tax return for your resident state if your resident state collects income taxes. In general, you are required to file a part-year resident tax return for each state you lived in if: 

  • you moved from one state to another state (file a part-year resident tax return for both states) OR
  • you lived in multiple states (file a part-year resident return for each state)

You generally need to file a nonresident tax return for each state in which you worked but did not reside. For example, if you lived in one state and worked in another, you will usually need to file a resident return for the state in which you lived and a nonresident return for the state in which you worked.

Here are other situations where you may need to file a nonresident state return: 

  • You earned income in a state that is not your resident state.
  • Your employer incorrectly withheld taxes for a state that is not your resident state.
  • You had gambling winnings in a state that is not your resident state.
  • You owned rental property in a state that is not your resident state.
  • You are a partner in a partnership, or a shareholder in an S-Corporation, that is based in a state that is not your resident state.
  • You received income from an estate or trust that has interest in a state that is not your resident state.

You do not generally have to file a return for the state where your employer is located unless you also work there. What matters is where you earned the income, not where your employer is based.

How To Only File A State Return

If you have already filed your federal return elsewhere and it has been accepted by the IRS, you can choose to prepare and file only your state return on There are certain rules, conditions established by the IRS and the States that you have to adhere to. 

Find the details on how to only file a State Inomce Tax Return or Return(s)

What are the State Income Tax Return Deadlines?

Where Is Your State Income Tax Refund?

Why waste your time trying to find and download tax forms from multiple places? has them all in one location for every state, commonwealth, and territory, as well as the District of Columbia. Simply click your state on the map below to find state tax forms supported by 

efile United States mapWashington Oregon California Montana Idaho Nevada Utah Arizona Colorado Wyoming New Mexico Texas Hawaii Alaska Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Illinois Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Michigan Indiana Ohio Kentucky Tennessee Mississippi Alabama Florida Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Virginia West Virginia Pennsylvania Maryland District of Columbia Delaware New Jersey New York Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts Maine Vermont New Hampshire

Remember that when you efile on, we will select and generate all the state forms you need based on the answers you give during your online interview.

State Tax Forms and Other State Tax Information?

Review the list below and click the link for your state: 

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