State Return Refund, Tax Agencies

Steps to check your state income tax return refund status based on where you prepared, filed, or e-filed your return. Plus find links to state tax agencies and instructions on how to pay for state taxes.

In case you still need to prepare and e-file your federal and state taxes, start now. If you only want to prepare and file one or more state income tax returns, visit this page for instructions.

If You e-filed your State Return with

1. Sign in to your account. Check on the first page if your state tax return was accepted. If your return was accepted by the respective state, check the state link below and find the status of your tax refund. 

If You did NOT file or efile Your State Taxes with

1. Make sure your State Income Tax Return was accepted (e.g. via the none site etc.) by the State before you check the tax refund status. Select the State link below and check the status of your State income tax return refund status. 

State Tax Return Instructions, Refund Status State Page
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