The 2021 enhanced Child Tax Credit

This is for tax year 2021 only and how to claim the 2021 Child Tax Credit? You can only claim the enhanced Child Tax Credit (CTC) by filing a 2021 Return on paper since the e-file deadline has passed. To claim it, follow these steps:
  1. Open the 2021 IRS Form 1040.
  2. Enter your personal details, including name, address, and filing status.
  3. Enter your dependent information; for dependents eligible for the Child Tax Credit, check the box next to each dependent.
  4. Open the 2021 IRS Schedule 8812 and follow each line, filling in the applicable sections.
  5. Take the total refundable CTC and enter it on the Form 1040, Line 28.
  6. Add this to all your tax credits, including the Recovery Rebate Credit for Stimulus 3 from Line 30, and enter the total on Line 32.
  7. Continue through the remaining lines and sign the form.
  8. Mail in your 2021 Return to the IRS.

You can only claim the refundable 2021 CTC on a 2021 Return.

Will the Enhanced CTC Be Revived?

The 2021 Child Tax Credit was the only version of the CTC to ever be fully refundable, regardless of income. The government has proposed multiple plans to bring back the credit, but nothing has ever been signed. We will keep these instructions incase this is ever brought back so the credit can be claimed by e-filing a return.

The following instructions are archived and may not be relevant for current or future tax returns.

Sign up or sign in and begin entering your information. If you have taxable income, this needs to be reported as the return is not to be solely used to claim the CTC unless you have no taxable income.