Mobile Device PDF Download

Do you see a blank page on your mobile device (e.g. Android) when trying to download or view your tax return PDF? 

First, sign in to your account

Then click on My Account - on your mobile device click the three dots on the right.  In the menu below you will see My Account.

image description

Android Mobile Devices (Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, etc.):

When you download the PDF, your page might appear blank as shown below.

image description

To view the downloaded PDF file on your Android device, see below.

image description

Apple Mobile Device or iPhone:

To download your return, click on the three dots in the corner and then select My Account. Then, select the share icon on the menu bar by the address, either at the top of bottom of the screen (the middle icon with the arrow).

image description

Scroll down and select Save to Files or Print. These allow you to save the document to your iCloud as well as just print the document from your phone if you have a compatible printer. 

image description

You should always save a copy of your returns, both physical and digital. See further details on how to download a copy of your return from your eFile account.

The download view form a Mac or PC: my returns in my account.