Prepare and File Back Taxes, 2020, 2019, 2018, etc.

How to Prepare, Calculate Back Taxes; 2020 and 2019 Tax Year Forms.
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Instructions to prepare and file IRS Back Taxes and/or State Back Taxes, returns.

You can no longer e-file a 2020 or other previous year return on or anywhere. View this page with resources for previous year returns. Then, download and complete the necessary forms before you print, sign, and mail them to the correct year IRS address. Important: do not mail your previous year return to the current tax year mailing address.

Previous Tax Year Resources:

You can file your 2021 Return regardless of when you complete your previous year return(s). On, this can be done online; you can prepare your return and not have to worry about any of the calculations or selecting the right forms. Sign up here or sign in and get your 2021 return e-filed now.

Tax Tip: Prepare and e-file your current year tax return on every year. eFile stores your previous year returns on your account each year when you return. Additionally, you can only utilize the eFile software to do all the complicated math for you as well as generate and select every tax form you need. Otherwise, we have fillable forms on our platform which open in the online PDF editor. You can use this to fill in your forms before you print them; avoid this by preparing your returns on time so you can complete them entirely online without stressing over IT.

If you are owed a tax refund, get your previous year return filed as soon as possible. You can only claim a tax refund 3 years after the original filing date. If you owe taxes. you will likely see tax penalties that you will owe based on how late the return and payments are. Estimate your tax penalty to see how much you may owe the IRS.