Password or Username Recovery; Email Update

How to recover an account username or password. How to update an email address.

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The following account recovery options are available on this page:

  • Forgot Username: Step 1
  • Forgot Password: Step 2
  • Email Address Access: Step 3 - 7.

Select and click on one of these 3 options - start here.

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Step 1: Username Recovery: Enter your account email address. If you enter the incorrect email address or there is no eFile account associated with the email entered, you will not receive your username; if you do not remember your email address, click on I no longer have access to the email on my account.

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Step 2: Password Recovery: Enter your account username. If you do not remember your username, use Step 1 above to recover it first. After selecting Get Password, you will receive an email to the email address listed in your account with a link to reset your password. After clicking on that link, you will need to answer at least one security question you created during account sign up. Then, sign in with your new password.

Step 2.1: If you can not recovery your password via the password reset link, please contact us and provide your security question answers. We might ask you additional information about current or previous tax returns.

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Step 3: E-mail Change/Recovery: I no longer have access to the email on my account. This allows an account owner to change the email address on the account before also setting a new password. When this option is used , the real ID is verified by entering tax return related questions. If this verification is successful, the user must then answer the security questions entered for the account followed by out-of-wallet security questions to verify the identity. Once that information is verified, the email address and password on the account can then be updated.

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Step 4: Answer an account security question your created during account sign up


Step 5: Answer 4 or 5 questions related to your personal identity verification

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Step 6: Enter your new email address. Check the inbox of your new email address and copy/paste the code here and click Submit Code.


Step 7: You will see the same screen as in Step 3 with the information you entered, then click on I'm not a robot. On the next page, you will be asked to select a new password. After that, you can sign in and receive codes to your new email address.

Contact support for further assistance.