Email Verification Code, Reset Account

What if you do not get your email verification code? Instructions for problems with confirmation code.

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These are the most common problems individuals face when trying to sign in to an account:

A: Email verification code does not arrive in your inbox

The most common reason an individual cannot sign into their account is because they do not receive their email verification code from their email provider. Even though the eFile app is sending out the verification code, it's not arriving in the individual's inbox or spam folder. Let's take these steps to get this resolved.

Step A1: Start here after you have signed in here and you landed on the email verification code entry screen as shown below and are now waiting for your code to arrive.

image description

Step A2: Make sure the email you entered as shown above next We are sending an email to **** is indeed the correct email address you used in your account. If you are not certain about this, contact with the same email address here.

Step A3: Once you are certain that the email matches that in your account, click on Resend Code as shown above and wait for another code. Make sure you check your spam folder as well. If after 5 - 10 minutes you have not received the code, contact support and provide us with a different email address than the one you are currently using in your account. This should be an email address only you have access to and trust. Give permission to change your email address in your account with this new email address and we will then update your email address with you.

Step A4: Once you hear back from us, monitor your new email address inbox for a code. Copy and paste that code and provide it to support. Once you get confirmation about the code update and hear back from support, only then sign in to your account again with your username and password. Now check the inbox and spam folder of the new email address you provided for your account. If for any reason, you again don't receive a new code, start at Step 2 again.

B: Mobile Device related account sign in issues: If you are experiencing sign in problems while on a mobile device, follow the same steps as listed above. If you are facing other issues, e.g. screen freezing on a mobile device, consider using a desktop device, like a PC or Mac.

C: For Account Recovery: Instructions to recover username, password, or changed email address.

Contact eFile support for further assistance.